Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Show review from Stella, one of the most amazing women in rock n roll, from TEENAGE LUST.  YEAH!!

Lost Lake

We got there right as The Tomgirls started to play.  They’re a four piece band
  with Duane Bodenhemier, former singer of The Derelicts from Seattle,
Washington as their frontman.  I have to say I have not seen this band before and by the
name I wasn’t expecting what I heard.  This band is super punk, thrash
in your face Iggy Pop style. Super sexual and sweaty.  I was definitely
thinking this would be a rock and roll band, but it was much heavier
and thrashier than I expected.  I was so impressed, but knowing Damien
and Duane the little that I do, of course their band is going to
shred.  Check them out at

Next up is my long time favorite guys who live in Colorado Springs and
are pretty much the funnest/funniest dudes I know.  They have a 7”
split that should be out any day with another local garage rock party
band called The Dirty Few.  Ps. this 7” glows in the dark (dork).
They are previously known as The Nicotine Fits, but The Conjugal
Visits is a cross between The Exploding Hearts and The Marked Men.
They played a lot of their new songs that haven’t been released like
songs called “Retarded”, and “I Must be Stupid”.  They usually do covers of other bands
including The Moonhearts, Mikal Cronin, and The Sneaky Pinks. They
reign fun and party garage with amazing thrashy guitar shreds on
occasion.  Sean is on drums, Brian on bass, Pete and Nick on vocals
and guitar. They always always always are the best time!  Ever!  You
can taste their sweet licks at http://www.theconjugalvisits.bandcamp.com

Last was the amazing 3 piece band The Manxx, who had a single release
called Messin Around.  Sara Belle, lead singer and guitar shredder is
one of the brightest and magnetic people I’ve met in Colorado.  When you
meet her you know she has awesomeness and radicoolness in her
blood. Her energy is sick!  She runs a DIY venue called Unit B that
throws some of the best shows I’ve seen in Denver including Nobunny
and Bare Wires.  She’s very important person in the garage and rock
and roll scene out here but she will never brag or bring it to
attention.  She’s a super roll model for that.  Newly on keyboard is
Trevvor Yawner of Thee Goochi Boiz and Pacific Pride.  He is a super
cool studly dude whose got the coolest laid back attitude and a great
smile.  Bare chest with a furry vest he was wailin’ out on the
smallest keyboard possible, but he made it work.  The drummer I think
is fairly new or on constant fill in, but he was amazing keeping the
heartbeat of the band.  I love them, check them out at http://themanxx.bandcamp.com
Photos: Taylor
Article: Stella