Monday, January 30, 2012


A new review from R.A.D Vinyl.  Thanks!

Two new releases from Snappy Little Numbers
The Manxx 7”
Sara Fischer is the voice behind The Manxx a veteran of the Denver music scene. Her catchy vocal hooks and charming songwriting mix well with the garage style rock music they play. Both “Messin’ Around” and “Hard Lessons” are strong enough to be A sides. Ripping guitars and drums pound out these hyper tracks while an organ and Fischer’s melodies help to set The Manxx apart from every other garage band out there today. The mixed black vinyl look incredible against the black and hot pink label all housed in Snappy Little Numbers standard issue sleeve. This is a great single.
Hooper 7”
Hooper is a bit of a throwback to 90’s pop punk similar to early Alkaline Trio. Hooper doesn’t try to shy away from this dated sound one bit rather they embrace it and provide two cuts that would have seen heavy rotation on many kids turntables ten years ago. The Mixed purple vinyl is a nice touch.