Monday, November 8, 2010


Here's a nice review of our s/t ep from TOME TO THE WEATHER MACHINE.  Thanks Crawford!


Want Some Weird?
Well, here's a post that's long overdue. Perhaps you remember, perhaps you don't, but The Manxx is the girl-group punk extravaganza masterminded by Dan-o and Sara, who happen to be super-buddies (besties even?) and part of the excellent, attentive staff atGabor's Bar, a personal favorite watering hole in theCapitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. The very same personal favorite watering hole made venue to the Tome to the Weather Machine relaunch party we hosted a couple of months ago. I may or may not have promised around that time for a post on these guys... actually, I did promise it, and just never got around to it. So now that the gals (and new drummer-dude Bryan) have released this five-song, mace-laced, bubblegum-blowing, pulverizing-pop, treble-kicking catastrophe (in a good way) of a CDr for our listening, er... thrashing pleasures, there's just no better time than the present.
OK, so first, someone give this band a million dollars right away so they can move out of the cardboard box where this record was made. Or don't... it sounds pretty sweet that way, actually. Drums are trashy x1000, vocals are not only hooped and hollered out with neck vein-popping passion, but blanched with a scorching overdrive, and Dan-o's simple synth hooks are so far out in front (and so damned catchy) the Manxx will have you reeled into the pit in no time. So it's punk, for sure, the band packing enough sheer energy, force, and rip-roaring, guitar-shredding gnarliness to have the bullies pogoing like there's no tomorrow. But the (charmingly harmonized) melodies are also sweet enough to have the Manxx figured as some little kid, black & blue eyed from a recent fist fight, knee caps and elbows caked in mud... and handing you a hand-picked flower after dragging all that dirt through the house (the new rug!!). Ruthless ANDcute... just the way I likes 'em. Just look at this picture of Sara playing at Unit B a couple of weeks ago...