Thursday, March 15, 2012


A reveiw of the Messin' Around 7" from Albuqueque's Alibi.  Thanks!


The Manxx "Messin' Around / Hard Lessons" 7-inch (Snappy Little Numbers)

Two more garage pop tunes about boys and heartbreak from Denver's The Manxx. Front-girl Sara must fall in and out of love once a month because according to my calculations, “Hard Lessons” is the 179th song she's written about getting jilted. Although the sound is still lo-fi, the production on this single is a step above The Manxx's previous releases. The 45 is a great-looking purple-mud-colored pressing that lives up to the sonic potential of 45 RPM, with really low bass and a clear high end. It comes with a download code for a slightly less amazing sounding digital copy. The Manxx keeps threatening to come down to Albuquerque—here's hoping it does!